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Designed by Nature

A site-specific virtual installation that lets audiences rewild the historic city of Chester with Augmented Reality.

Designed by Nature

In the time of strict Covid restrictions, a solitary walk in the park was the cyclical centrepiece of a work-from-home day. The gentle sights and sounds of nature became a corrective to the frenetic city roar of the pre-pandemic life we remembered. We wanted to encourage people to continue this connection to nature.

‘Designed by Nature’ is a playful opportunity to rewild the historic Roman city of Chester using Augmented Reality. Audiences can watch and listen as nature takes back the city around them, transforming it into a lush idyl. The poetic narration is voiced by Julie Hesmondhalgh.

Experience the work next time you're in Chester. Search 'Designed by Nature' in your app store.

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