Office of Everyone

The Prick and the Sting

An immersive audio experience made with and for partially sighted and blind audiences.

The Prick and the Sting

Binaural sound provides the sensation of a fully immersive surround sound experience using a conventional pair of headphones. In the Prick and the Sting, audiences can hear footsteps pace from above, voices argue from below and the breath of a character's whisper on their cheek. The Prick & The Sting creates a very real, expansive and sensory encounter that can be experienced in whatever place or space an audience chooses.

Working with leading immersive theatre company Raucous, we created an immersive audio drama which can be experienced through an accessibility-first interactive journey. The use of ubiquitous web technologies and conventional headphones mean the work can be experienced by the widest possible audience. We worked with fifteen blind and partially sighted creatives to develop one of the most accessible interactive storytelling projects in the genre.

  • Jack Hardiker (Office of Everyone) talking about accessibility for Raucous
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