Office of Everyone

The Lantern Room

An immersive performance happening simultaneously on two sides of the Atlantic.

The Lantern Room

Working with two leading immersive theatre companies Raucous (UK) and Lost & Gone (Canada), we are developing a ground-breaking cross-Atlantic performance made possible by a number of technical innovations. The production will be performed simultaneously between Toronto and Bristol, and despite the time difference, the audience in Toronto will shape the storytelling in Bristol and vice versa.

We are working with an exciting group of artists to test and create performance, digital technology, augmented reality, binaural sound, AI, original music, projection mapping, film and smell, all to tell the beautiful story of a legendary female whaler.

Office of Everyone has been leading the exploration of creative innovations in three main areas: 1. Creative and unexpected methods for an audiences to communicate between the UK and Canada. 2. Moments of delight produced as inanimate objects come to life to progress the narrative. 3. Pre-show world building to begin immersing audiences in the story world ahead of the live performance, using their own phones.

Jack Hardiker (Office of Everyone) recently presented the project at SXSW in Austin Texas.

  • A film made by Raucous about world building and dismantling featuring Jack Hardiker (Office of Everyone)
  • A film made by Raucous about the development of the 'Familiars' featuring Jack Hardiker (Office of Everyone)
  • A film made by Raucous about Binaural sound featuring Jack Hardiker (Office of Everyone)
  • A man stood on stage in front of a large screen with an image of the project behind him
    Jack Hardiker presenting the work at SXSW in Austin Texas
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