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Human AI Workshop

An interactive workshop that demystifies artificial intelligence through physical recreations of the processes behind AI Vision.

Human AI Workshop

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies are increasingly being used in critical services such as policing and healthcare. While public awareness of the potential for bias in AI is growing, the current debate often lacks technical, historical and cultural insight.

To address these gaps, I have developed a collaborative workshop featuring physical recreations of the processes behind AI vision.

Richard Shepphard, Class VII teacher said:

Jack's workshop was an incredibly well-planned and delivered session with my 26 x 12- and 13-year olds. This practical exercise allowed the children to experience firsthand some of the 'decision-making' done by AI in discriminating between different visual data. The children were engaged fully in the task and keen to be detectives [...] It was a thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding lesson and my children gained much from it.

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